fix studio designs furniture and spaces that, while aesthetically pleasing and visually interesting, keep function as the priority. Finding the best solutions that meet cost, function, timeline, sustainability and aesthetics are our main goals. At fix, we create timeless, unique objects and interiors that withstand the test of time. We understand why it is important for a space to work properly in all its aspects from the overall flow, maintenance of materials, client aesthetics, to choice of materials and furnishings. The places we invent are imaginative and clever, genuine and honest, they often share a subtle nod of humor when appropriate and just the right amount of class to make clients feel comfortable and welcome.

fix studio is a collaborative based firm. We identify the needs of each project and assemble the most efficient and creative team. We intentionally structured our company in this streamlined way when we started in 1998. By keeping a lean, precise team we avoid unnecessary overhead while working within our community to pursue desirable projects. Our frequent collaborators are from the Design/Build fields and work with fix studio projects much of the year. The collaborative nature of our company has provided us opportunities to take part in the regional shift into sustainability through sourcing locally and improving our knowledge specific to restaurants and what goes into creating them. We have built and lead a community of imaginative Artists, Builders, Designers, Fabricators, Individuals, Installers and Specialists that we depend on for their diverse skills and services.

Design Capabilities: fix studio is a firm that exercises flexibility to work in any medium and any scale. We tailor our team of experts appropriately for each project. Beyond our direct internal skill set, we also offer the following through our partners: automation, sound abatement, audio/video/media design, web development, social media integration, structural engineering, permitting, code and health code compliance, construction plans, sustainable construction practices, design community outreach and education.